Sunday, December 13, 2009

Averys 1st Birthday

The year has gone by so fast. I can't believe that Avery is one. I cried on the day she was born and I cried the day she turned one. She is my baby. It's no secret she is a mommy's girl. It's hard to see her get big. Lucky for me she doesn't seem to be growing up as fast as Annie. It's so hard watching them get big, yet so fulfilling.
Happy birthday Avery. You 1 year old!!!
Avery loves giving Bryten Kisses
Trent, Jason and Brother Dave as Annie calls him, all gathered round the cupcake cake .
Avery having at her birthday treat
What a mess my little monkey is. Annie and my mom, say cheese Annie

Thursday, December 10, 2009

First Snow day

Annie in her snow outfit that grandma bought her. She was so excited to go out and play.
Snow day all the way!!!
Here Annie is doing her best cheese face.
Daddy took a break from shovelling snow for a pic with Avery.
Avery in her bunting suite, all ready to head out in the cold.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Have you missed us? I bet you have.... Well it's been crazy. Summer really got the better of us. But we are back and ready to blog. So much has happened over the past few months I really don't know where to start. Avery is 11 months old. Can you believe that? She is almost 1.
She is not really talking much, but she already has a strong voice of opinion. She is extremely animated with her vocal sounds and facial expressions. I guess you could say she is the sassy one. She can say momma and Dada though.
She is crawling all over and is super fast.
She can also move up the stairs but hasn't grasped the going down concept just yet. She still loves toys. She is very different from Annie in that way. She will sit and play with toys where Annie just likes to pack them around.
Both girls have been really sick the past few weeks, but are finally getting better. Nasty swine flue and cold. Annie just finished a stint at daycare. She was going to our friend Amy's house two days a week for the past few months. It was good for her to learn how to interact with kids. She progressed allot in the time she went. She talks allot more clearly ad in more complete statements.
Annie is pretty much potty trained! Yahoo! It's so nice to be saving that money on diapers.
Above is a picture of us at the pumpkin patch. Halloween is Anistions favorite holiday. She loves pumpkins. In fact she is being one for Halloween.
Aniston has been making new friends. She had her first sleepover a few weeks ago. My friend and recent room mate Anyssa brought her niece Jo Jo over. We got them matching jammies.
Above is a picture of the girls dressed up in the Tu Tu's I made them
Aniston say cheese
The girls in the super cute jammies my Aunt Terrie sent them, So cute. Here is a pic of Avery working on her walking skills and waving to the camera

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Sunday is Pool Day

Sunday is pool day this summer for the Moss family. As of July me and Jason decided to make more time for us and the family. So the past few Sundays we have made family day, and what better place than the pool. The girls both love the water and, Jay and I love spending time with the girls. The added bonus of getting a summer tan is good too. If anyone wants to join us please do. The water is great!!!

Monday, July 27, 2009

24th of July 09

This 24Th of July we had big ambitions but most plans fell threw. None the less we still had a good time. We ended up BBQ'n in the backyard with our friend Dave. It was a nice relaxing night especially with the new awning off of our back porch.

Anistion had fun pushing Avery around the backyard.

Annie was proud to tell us that she was being a good sister

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Oh where has July gone....?

Hello everyone!
I know it has been over a month since I last blogged, but you know how summer is. So much to do, and so much going on. Busy, busy as they would say. July seems to have come and gone already. Below are some pictures of what we have been up to, as well for updates on our growing girls. We love you all, and hope you are all doing well. Anistion is doing good and getting big. The terrible twos are in full force. Even though she has her good days. It's a miracle that I haven't killed her yet. But don't worry we still love her as much as always
Avery was 7 months old on July 1st. It's amazing how time flys. She has already reached so many mile stones. She is doing really well. Just wish we could get her to sleep through the night on a regular bases.
Avery is now big enough to sit in a high chair. Here is a picture from her first time.
Avery is starting to use a sippy cup. Wow, she is getting too big too fast.
Yahoo! The yard is in on our new home. Jason can finally take a pill and relax. At least tell he comes up with another project. Yes, I know we still have allot of landscaping to do, but at least we have grass.
Avery hanging out in the back yard on our new grass
Jasons niece Rebecca is here to stay with us this month. Here she is hanging out in the pool with Aniston.
For the Forth of July we all went up to Bear Lake. It was a warm sunny overcast day. I think everyone had a really good time. We only stayed for the day, but what a fun day it was.
Here is a picture of Aniston playing on my moms blow up island in the water at the lake.

Mud Monster Annie. Aniston was more about the sand than the water at bear lake.
Averys first time in the water at Bear Lake
Averys first time at bear lake
She loved sitting on the beach with the sand between her toes. She also liked it when the tide would come up and splash her. She sat there forever just giggling and smiling
Avery and Dad taking in the view.
Avery and her beach hat!
We took the girls to the Fountain at the Gateway Mall in Salt Lake. Here is a picture of Aniston playing in the water as it shot up out of the ground.
Mom and Avery at the big fountain
Here is a picture of Dad and Annie waving fountain side.
This picture was taken as we where walking into the Gateway mall. Aniston was having a celebrity moment. She was holding her hand up by her face saying no pictures, no pictures. It was so funny
This picture was taken as we where walking in to the Gateway mall as well it's a little better than the first one.
Aniston started going to Amys our local day care. Even though I haven't started school yet, I think it is a good chance for her to be around other kids Avery is working on crawling. She can't quiet do it yet, but she is getting the ides. She will get on all fours and rock and she will all so pull her self along using her front arms.
Pool days. We've been spending alot of time at the Roy pool. Aniston loves to go on the frog slide.

Annie the past year

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